All our dishes are prepared fresh to order, please excuse any delay.

If you have any allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, please inform your server.



Ginger  Pig   Brew 
Bombay  Sapphire,  Ginger,
Lemon,  London Pride

Raspberry  Collins
Absolut  Raspberri  Vodka,  Raspberry,
Hibiscus,  Sherbet,  Soda 

Vanilla  Mai  Tai
Havana  Club  Especial  Rum,  Absolut  Vanilla  Vodka,
lime, nut-free  orgeat  syrup,  bitters

Strawberry  Caipirinhna
Cachaca,  Lime,  Strawberry,  Sugar

Butterfly  Effect 
Wray  &  Nephew  Overproof  Rum,  Lamb’s  Navy,
Havana  Club  7  Yr  Rum,  Havana  Club  3  Yr,
Havana  Club  Especial  Rum,  Falernum,
Passion  fruit,  Lime,  Pineapple,  Bitters 

Passion  Bomb 
Malibu  Passion  Fruit,  Sherbet,  Orange,  Soda

Huana  Island 
Beefeater  Gin,  Huana,  Passion  Fruit,
Elderflower,  Apple 

Bacardi  Carta  Blanca,  Lime,  Mint,  Soda

Bacardi  Carta  Blanca,  Bacardi  Negra,
Pineapple  Juice,  Passion  Fruit,  Grenadine

Old Fashioned
Woodford  Reserve,  Ornage  Bitters,
Brown  Sugar,  

Pornstar Martini 
Smirnoff  Vodka,  Passion  Fruit  Purée,
Passion  Syrup,  Prosecco

Espresso Martini 
Vanilla  Vodka,  Kahlua,  Espresso  Coffee

Pina Colada 
Bacardi  Carta  Blanca,  Pineapple,
Coconut  Cream 

White  Chocolate  Martini 
Smirnoff  Vodka,  Mozart  White,
Cocoa  Blanc

Thrilla  In  Vanilla 
Absolut  Vanilla,  Grapefruit,  Pineapple,
Vanilla  Syrup

Amaretto,  Mozart  Dark  Chocolate,
Bacardi  Carta  Negra,

Watermelon  Margarita
Olmeca  Tequila,  Watermelon,
Lime,  Sherbet 

Tutti  Frutti
Absolut  Berri  Vodka,  Mango,  Passion  Fruit 

Berri  Colada 
Malibu,  Strawberry,  Coconut,  Pineapple


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Mixed  Olives  (v)  (gf)
A selection of marinated olives

Bread Selection (v)
Bread selection, served with aged balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil

Cow & Pig Meat Balls (v)
Beef and pork meatballs, served with chopped parsley and garlic, cooked in a tomato sauce

Beef Brisket Nuggets (v)
Panko fried nuggets filled with beef brisket & cheese with P.I.G. mayo and pickles

Cow  Cigars
A  secret  family  recipe  and  our  signature  dish  made  with  lamb  with  a  little  chilli  kick

Nashville  Hot  Chicken
Crispy,  golden  brown  fried  chicken, dipped  in  our  hot  nashville  marinade

King  Prawn  Tempura
The  bestseller! Light,  crispy  and  soft  on  the  inside

Crispy  Calamari
A  hint  of  sweetness  from  the  fresh  calamari  and  a  touch  of  salt  and  pepper  in  a  light  crispy  coating

Beef  Carpaccio
Cured beef carpaccio, thinly sliced with rocket and Parmesan cheese

Belly  Bites (gf)
Pork belly bites, served with house salad

Halloumi  Sticks (v)
Golden  brown  and  soft  on  the  inside. Served  with  sweet  chilli

Baked  Camembert (v)
Infused  with  garlic  butter.  Served  with  toasted  bread
and  caramelised  onions  for  a  sweet  contrast

Padron Peppers (v)
Deep fried small peppers with maldon sea salt

Mac N Cheese Balls(v)
Panko fried three cheese mac n cheese balls. Served with P.I.G. mayo

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Our  Burgers  are  served  in  a  Brioche  Bun  with  American  Cheese,  Lettuce,  Onion,  House  Sauce  and  Chips.

Extras +1.00 Caramelised onion, crispy onion, gherkins, jalapeños, slaw

Our  Beef  is  Grass  Fed  and  Dry  Aged  for  32  days.

Double  Cheeseburger
Double  Dry  Aged  Beef

Double  Bacon Cheesebuger
Double  Dry  Aged  Beef,  Streaky  Bacon   

Nashville  Hot  Burger
Chicken,  In  a  Crispy  Batter

Happy  Cow  Burger (v)
Vegetable  Patty 

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Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs
Succulent, melt in the mouth flavour, marinated overnight in our secret dry rub, glazed with our bold, smokey, sweet and rich homemade BBQ sauce, served with chips

C & P Plate of Meat
A real treat for all meat lovers!  Chef’s steak choice, lamb cutlet, spicy chorizo, boneless chicken thigh, chips

Fish & Chips
An absolute classic and a must-try.  Coated in a light and crispy beer batter.

Lamb Cutlets
Marinated in mint with incredible fragrant fresh herbs, served with crushed jersey royals, seasonal veg, C&P gravy

Nashville Hot Chicken
Crispy, golden brown fried chicken, dipped in our hot nashville marinade, cajun mayo, hot sauce and topped with spring onions, chillies, angry chips

Steak  &  Ale  Pie
Shortcrust pastry, C&P gravy, creamy mash or chips

Chicken,  Ham  &  Leek  Pie
Shortcrust pastry, C&P gravy, creamy mash or chips

Pork  Belly
12 hour slow cooked pork belly on creamy mash, seasonal veg, C&P gravy

Fish of the Day
Please ask your waiter

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All  of  our  premium  dry-aged  steaks  are  cut  from  Prime heifer,  aged  on  the  bone  for  28  days  by  our  local  supplier.

The  cattle  are  sourced  directly  from  Scottish  &  Irish  farms  selecting  only  Black  Angus, Hereford  and  Charolais  cross  breeds .

Served with chips and your choice of peppercorn, garlic butter, chimichurri or C&P gravy

Fillet  Steak  225g*
The  most  tender  steak,  regarded  by  many  as  the  premium  cut, recommended  medium rare

Sirloin  400g*
A very popular cut, it is very tender and well marbled with fat.  Recommended medium rare.

Rib-Eye  400g*
Rich, tender, juicy and full of flavour, well-marbled throughout.  Recommended medium rare.

Chateaubriand  600g
Cut from the thickest part of the fillet and comes sliced by the chef.  Choice of 2 sides & 2 sauces.

Butchers  Block  1kg
Perfect for sharing.
225g Fillet, 400g Sirloin, 400g Ribeye.
Choice  of  3 sauces  and  3 sides.

Sauces –  Peppercorn,  Garlic  Butter,  Cow  &  Pig  Gravy.

Please  allow  20  minutes cooking  time  for  any  steak cooked   medium  well  to  well  done.

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Angry  Chips (HOT)
Sweet  Fries
Creamy  Mash

Side  Salad
Onion  Rings
Creamy Coleslaw
Seasonal  Vegetables

Macaroni  Cheese
Chilli & Garlic Tenderstem Broccoli
Chilli & Garlic Green Beans

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Chocolate  Brownie
Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla  Ice  Cream

Sticky  Toffee  Pudding
Sticky  Toffee  Sauce, Vanilla  Ice  Cream

Selection  of  Ice  Cream 3  scoops
(Salted  Caramel,  Belgian  Chocolate, Madagascan  Vanilla  or  Strawberry  Cream)

Chef’s  Choice,  Vanilla  Ice  Cream

Chocolate  Fondant
Salted  Caramel  Ice  Cream 

Irish  Coffee
French  Coffee
Calypso  Coffee
Amaretto  Coffee
Baileys  Latte
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Served  with  Roast  Potatoes,  Homemade  Yorkshire  Pudding,  Seasonal  Vegetables,  Honey  Glazed  Carrots, Cow  &  Pig  Gravy.

Available from 12pm until it’s all gone! Our a la carte menu is also available on Sunday’s.

Unlimited  Cow  and  Pig  Gravy  on  Sunday’s  only!

Roast  Beef

Roast  Pork

All  in
Mixed  Roast  of  Beef, Lamb  &  Pork

Roast  Lamb

Veg  Roast
Chef’s  Choice (v)

Kids  Roast  (Under  10)
Choice  of  Beef,  Lamb,  Pork


Cauliflower  Cheese 

Seasonal  Vegetables


Horseradish,  Mint,  Apple

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